Tacology | Our Story
Course Description: No pre-requisites required. Students will discover the fundamental concepts of modern Mexican flavors. Explore tacos, and embrace traditional white corn tortillas, homemade and hand pressed. This is a hands-on learning course. Structured to make you, the student, an active participant. Please come prepared…(hungry).
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Our Story

After spending 19 years in the restaurant industry, Chef James Hamilton decided it was time to do his own thing.

James started his career in Hyde Park, New York and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, before moving his career to Philadelphia. In Philly, he honed his skills at several critically acclaimed restaurants before deciding to move back to the midwest, where he would start his first restaurant, with the help of his wife, Antoinette and his business partner, Sue.

His first venture as co-owner & executive chef, Tacology 101, is located on South 5th street in the heart of downtown Springfield, IL. The cuisine of Tacology 101 is based on authentic Mexican street food. Yes, the tortillas are handmade… and yes, the food is delicious.